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We all have to start somewhere. As with many others, those of us at Keto The Aussie Way started out in the American Keto Groups but it was a confusing and often frustrating experience. Different units of measure, different values on labels, different brands and even completely different foods. There was no where for Australians to gain knowledge and advice on Keto to achieve a better Lifestyle of Health and Well Being and Lose Weight at the same time. Thus, Keto The Aussie Way was born.

As the group continued to grow and evolve, it became clear from our members that one of the biggest frustrations in Australia was lack of access to Keto Food Alternatives and Staples. We opened our online shop to help source good Keto options and our product range is continually growing and improving.

For those who needed personalised help, we planned the original 12 Week Challenge and it was a massive success. Since that time our 8 Week Challenges have become massively popular as a way to get started or get motivated. 

There's more exciting stuff coming too, so watch this space!
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Featured Brands:
Kereal - The Keto Cereal - Australia
Snaxx - Keto Snacks Australia
Callowfit - Keto Sauces Australia
Naturally Sweet - Keto Baking Goods Australia
Vitawerx - Keto Treats and Condiments Australia

Customer Reviews

Great support network, inclusive of everyone and their questions/thoughts/suggestions etc. good fun, not judgemental, list is endless. A nice place to be, with admin who do a brilliant job and members who are so Inspiring and encouraging
Stephanie Carter Parkin
Survey Responses
* I love the hard work and research that you are doing on my behalf. Thank you xxx

* I feel I got value for my money in getting a meal plan I could continue to use. I didn’t follow 100% because life got in the way. I think your FB site is great & always a wealth of information available. Thanks for all the hard work.

* You guys are awesome!
These guys really do go above and beyond with their customer service.
Jen Larkin

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