Dirty Supported, NOT Suggested


As I'm sure everyone is aware, we support all forms of keto and one of those is Dirty Keto. Dirty Keto is "If it fits your macros" Keto.

A lot of people don't seem to understand what "support" means so I thought I'd clear a few things up.

1. We don't RECCOMEND Dirty Keto. We support your right to chose to do it and if you're one of the lucky ones it works for, good for you. We support your right to choose your own path. But we recommend that 90% or more of your diet is fresh, whole foods, specifically meat and vegetables (Just meat is fine and just vegetables are fine).

2. We recognise that everyone likes treats every now and then. But IT'S A TREAT! It's not for daily consumption. If you're eating sweet things every day you're just feeding your carb addiction until it breaks out again. Over processed foods can be low carb but that doesn't make them good for you. Have your keto snacks and sweets every now and then. The KTAW Website has sourced a good range of products for you to choose from. But be aware that they're treats!

3. Anything derived from grains (and to a lesser extent, Soy) can and will cause an inflammatory response, which can range from a slight slow down to completely kicking you out of ketosis. Eating anything derived from grains, whether low carb or not, isn't recommended.

4. If someone says they're having a stall, recommending that they lower their caloric intake ISN'T A VALID SOLUTION! Losing fat is a hormonal process and frankly you're potentially causing people harm. Stop it.

5. Ultimately the aim of keto is to get you into ketosis, but the type of food you eat is important too. Your body is a complex web of systems that are triggered by hormones. Hormones are triggered by what you eat.

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