Jo Rac

Age: 55
Starting Weight: 130kg
Current Weight: 105kg
Total Lost: 25kg

My Story

A song comes to mind when I thought about what to say. ‘The long and winding road’ by the Beatles . When you have much weight to lose, it is long and winding and many tears shed, especially if you’re an emotional eater like myself. I was never a fat child or teenager. I was that girl that ate everything and never put on weight. A perfect 60kg at age 21. Then marriage, children & real life dramas happened and my roller coaster of different diets started. You name any diet and I’ve Done it. Not all failed, but bad habits and the love of carbs, just keep Ed coming back. All those yummy fatty & sugary foods I ate before, decided they were going straight to the hips, thighs and belly. I grew and grew little by little and if I went on some fad diet, I would lose yet to put back on with extra. Before I knew it I was 51years old and 130kg. My knees were bad and needed replacement, but surgeon wouldn’t do unless I was under 95kg. Hubby died when I was 49 and my boys left home to make their own way in life, so I did something drastic. I moved interstate to the outback. I made the best out of it and love it, but didn’t love myself. Few years had passed and I met a wonderful man that loved me for who I am. I was 130kg and my self esteem was zero. Then in 2017 my friend started posting her weight and what she was eating on FB, going on about Keto. I was laughing, thinking she has gone nuts! How can anyone lose fat by eating fat? Even though in the past I had tried The Atkins diet and knew about low carbs, but KETO was mad, crazy and really stupid. Why is she doing it? A few months later my sister in-law started Keto and started to get instant results. Ok hang on, what’s going on I thought. So I started to read everything on the internet as much as possible. A good month went by and I thought right this I have to try. 1/1/2018 I started what I thought was full on Keto. I was 130.1kg But it was more lazy/dirty Keto. Back then the low carb breads hadn’t been in supermarket yet, so I was making my own from American recipes. Once they came in I was buying, but also made pizza from almond meal and other different meals like fried rice from cauliflower. My boyfriend was loving it and he started to lose some weight too. We didn’t live together but I enjoyed trying new ways of cooking things and he ate them. I got down to 95kg, my knees had no inflammation in them anymore, my tummy was going down, I went from a size 24 to 18 and I felt on top of the world and it only took me 13 months.. Till the boyfriend dumped me. My world (I thought) had come to an end once again. Friends and family lived to far, so no one to comfort me, oh how I was so wrong. Because Carbs, My best friend was only waiting for me at the take away shop and supermarkets. My best friend never left, it was always there. Oh Carbs I missed you so much. Carbs wiped my tears away And gave me comfort. It came in many forms as well as alcohol. I filled myself knowing I was destroying all that hard work. But once again, my emotional eating came back to haunt me. One year later, 6 months of pigging out and 6 months of trying to get back on to Keto but failed every weekend) I had put back on 22kg, I was 117kg now. All because of a man that wasn’t worth it.. He was seeing another lady behind my back that was a large lady with no self esteem, you see, I gained self esteem and he didn’t like it. March 2020 I came back from a cruise in pain. I was using a walking stick to aid me in walking as my knees got so bad and the weight was not helping. COVID-19 was going into lockdown for us all and I thought it’s time to do something.. Without any doubt, I knew Keto was the way to go, but this time from what I have learnt more, I’m doing it the way it should be done. Although organic food is a little harder for me to get where I live, I was going to do Keto the proper way. No wheat, no sugar free drinks and the biggy, NO Alcohol. At 117kg on the 2nd April 2020 I started strict Keto. It’s been 3 months today and I have lost 12kg. I’m back feeling fantastic with no inflammation. I still have such a long way to go, but little steps.. I’m not perfect, I do stumble sometimes. Specially when I’m out for dinner with friends or been invited for lunch or dinner. You can’t expect everyone to accomodate you in your way of eating and you can’t expect people to understand that what you eat is the best way. They were programmed like we all were before we opened our minds to The Keto way of eating. I say to people now that I don’t eat processed of sugar foods and that’s more excepting. I came across Keto the Aussie way on Facebook and found it so nice chatting to those that are going through what I’m going through. There have been a few I have upset, but it’s hard explaining what you mean and people do get the wrong end of the stick. But I have learned sometime I have to pull my head in too as we are all doing Keto, but not the same way. At the moment my journey is still going and love learning to cook new meals. I love buying products from this sight, although not everything is to my liking or my tummy’s liking, but that’s the adventure. P.S. The ex boyfriend contacted me 2 months after we split up to ask how I made my pizza and bread.. I can’t repeat what I said. But it was gold!

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